Efdemin / Carsten Jost - Split EP

" This release goes deep. Deep into your soul, deep into your heart. Efdemin's "Just A Track" propagandises a deep filed minimal House track with the lyrics: "If House Is A Nation, I Wanna Be President!". Deep, relaxed and progressive at the same time, it has such a tasty bassline in the end. It's not "Just A Track", it is out of this world. Carsten Jost's "Love" is a very warm House track with fresh percussions. The flipping claps and percussions will be broken open by a deep stab which continues to be the main part. After some time a kind of Rhodes sets in with wonderful and dreamy notes. Now, what a mighty deepness. These tracks are really a good match, a typical Dial deepness " (bron)

Niets meer toe te voegen aan het bovenstaande; Efdemin is op dit moment gewoon the man..

Efdemin / Carsten Jost - Split EP
(44mb - .rar)