Play 01 Live Mixed By Oliver Huntemann

" Fresh off the back of his rated RA Podcast, Huntemann’s latest mix CD is recorded live at D-Edge, Sao Paolo’s premier club for electronic music. “The D-Edge is simply one of the best clubs worldwide,” he says. “The night definitely was one of my personal highlights of 2006. There couldn’t be a better start to my new compilation series.” Huntemann likes D-Edge so much, he dedicated one of the CD track to the club. ‘Sao Paolo’ is reported to be a ‘bassmonster’ (but aren’t all his tracks bassmonsters?) It will also be issued on 12” vinyl.

‘Play 01’ promises sixteen tracks of H-Man’s signature electro-slash-techno and features just two vocal tracks (‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Like a Pen’). It also includes the new Extrawelt remix of ’51 Poland Street’ (Uh, isn’t that the address of Phonica Records? Way to get your tracks on the racks!) as well as cuts by John Dahlback (Huggotron), Pelle Buys (Einmusik) and an unreleased track by Huntemann’s studio partner Stephan Bodzin " (bron)

1. H-Man – 51 Poland Street (Extrawelt Extra Remix)
2. Shokh & Star – Lirum
3. Pelle Buys – Sad Feelings
4. Jurgens – Love It
5. White Trash – Auf dem Dach
6. Xenia Beliayeva – Hellraiser
7. Petter – Some Polyphony
8. Gui Boratto – Division
9. Huggotron – Superkiller
10. Jan Driver – L
11. Oliver Huntemann – Sao Paolo
12. Sébastien Léger - Little Bug
13. Stephan Bodzin – Luka Leon
14. The Knife – Like a Pen
15. Oscar – Rakete
16. Rekorder – Rekorder 8.1

Play 01 Live Mixed By Oliver Huntemann
(113mb - .zip)